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Nana-Buluku the supreme goddess of the universe

Illustration | Personal Project | 2022

Within West-African traditional religion - originating from the Dahomey tribe’s Vodoun religion, in Benin - Nana Bukuulu is revered as the creator of the universe and supreme deity of the gods. She represents great wisdom, healing, witchcraft and nurture. Mother of the sun (Lisa) and the moon (Mawu).


The art piece depicts the deity creating worlds. When observed closely the artwork is decorated in bold colours and digitally manipulated kente cloth patterns from my old outfits sewn by my uncle’s. Using colour and rich pattern application to command attention and further accentuate her power and importance. As she is the centre of the universe, she engulfs the space, and her afro flow like cosmic waves.


The composition boldly commands attention, grace and power. Inspired by compositions in retro Black American 70’s movie posters. This artwork brings to life theme’s of black and traditional west-African culture in a positive, contemporary, bold, playful, powerful and creative manner. 

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