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Hockley Hustle Album

Illustration | Multiple Artist Collaboration | Album Design Work | 2021


The Hockley hustle is a charity Music event based in Nottingham spanning over 40 venues with over 300 bands and music artist. 

In 2021 the Hockley Hustle team created a collaborative album of up to 20 local Music artists, aiming to donate profits of the album to charity. 


During the course of 2021, tracks will be dropped every month from the album which can be downloaded at:


I was on of the 4 artist commissioned to bring a part of the album cover to live. The concept involved giving each artist a map of Nottingham and delivering a visual representation using our individual visual styles. 

Hockley Hustle Album.jpeg

Final Album Artwork including all four artists work.

You can check out the amazing work of the other artists

by clicking their names!


Honey Williams

Emily Catherine 

Soz Mate 

Album Map pattern 14 -LQ.jpg

My illustrated section of Lenton

I was assigned the Lenton Area of Nottingham. Although there were many iconic areas that I could have figuratively illustrated I chose to embrace the actual map structure. I have always enjoyed using maps in my abstract pattern work, so this was a great opportunity to highlight the visual textures and organic road lines to create a bold and powerful abstract representation of the map. 

Album Map.png
Album Map original.png
My Assigned Nottingham Map
Nottingham streets and roads
outline drawings.
Album Map streetline drawn 2.png
Album Map streetline drawn.jpg
Map colour and texture experimentation samples. 
Album Map patern 7.png
Album Map patern 4 LQ.jpg
Album Map patern 5 LQ.jpg
Album Map patern 10 LQ.jpg
Album Map patern 9 LQ.jpg
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