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Black Lives Matter Protest

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

New Illustration alert!

Inspired by the Manchester Black Lives Matter Protest on June 6th 2020.

The idea of going into a massively crowded protest, in the middle of a pandemic, did not seem like the greatest idea. But part of me felt that I needed to be apart of it (and my partner made a convincing case...). I didn't know what to expect in the middle of a pandemic, but I wasn't expecting the masses of people and diverse voices that turned up to show their solidarity towards black lives matter. It was truly inspiring and peaceful as can be. This is why I had to capture the event as an illustration. The illustration is available as a download within my online shop. Every piece of profit will be donated towards the Black Lives Matter UK chapter.

The UK chapter does not have an official website yet, but more information can be found at their Facebook page and donations can be made to the go fund me page.

* Update November 2020*

The go fund me page has now closed. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in sharing, liking and purchasing the print. It raised £101 in profits! Now I'm deciding on the next charity to send upcoming profits too.

If you would like to purchase and download a print please got to my online shop,

or Etsy shop. It will also be available to purchase as a print.

#blacklivesmatter #blm #blacklivesmatteruk #blmuk #manchesterprotests

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