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Speak-Up hosted by Fuse Manchester!

On Thursday the 19th of January (at the awesome Colony venue) I had the opportunity to do something I never really thought I would do. Public Speaking!

Okay. I lied. Maybe I had a few sneaky day dreams about doing a mind inspiring ted talk. But I usually imagine myself being a colourful artistic rock star and owning my own creative empire. Although I have the colours nailed, I definitely got a long way before I can declare having a creative empire. To be honest, I felt like I was a long way from telling anyone what it's like to be a creative...Especially since I barely sorted out my own taxes...

But when I realised this, it was a a bit too late! Everything has been set in motion and I either had to turn up and talk about how lame I was or come up with an even lamer excuse... I am speaking-up and being my colourfully lame self.

The theme of my presentation was "Show your colours!" In a nutshell, I talked about my journey as an illustrator, designer and artist. Dealing with confidence killing critique and slowly growing into the creative I am today, by owning who I am. A funky bold graphic designer and psychedelic illustrator who loves bringing ideas beautifully to life.

At this point I'm in my own figurative mind prison for being a fraud. I am literally on stage chatting about owning yourself and believing in what you do. When I was planning my own exit moments beforehand!

But earlier when I constructed my presentation - and reluctantly went on a journey of self reflection, I realised that my worst critique was just me. Yes. I've had plenty of rejections, and there will be many more. So why am I being my own hater? Constructive feedback is important, but looking back I also realised it's important to listen to feedback that will actually help mould your qualities and skills. And not just feedback that doesn't understand what you do a.k.a un-constructive feedback.

Overall I had an amazing experience sharing my creative journey with the lovely audience who attended the Speak-up event hosted by Fuse. Plus I got to meet other amazing creatives and have a look into their creative journeys...

Is a multi-disciplinary artist whose currently exploring creating immersive interactive surroundings and spaces for audiences to engage in.

Check out their instagram @hopebello_

Sana Iqbal is a talented strategist and graphic designer who is passionate about local grass root politics. you can find more about her by checking out her instagram @SanaIqbaldesign

Nasha Cash

Nasha is a fantastic artist whose artwork is best described as a playful, surrealist exploration of nature, 60's psychedelic art style, fantastical imagery and cartoon inspired creatures.

Check out Nasha Cash's art

Or follow her on Instagram @nashacashart

About FuseMCR

If you don't know about Fuse, make sure to check it out. Fuse is a global creative platform that focuses on representing the under represented within the creative industries. Showcasing, sharing and presenting creative people, events, projects and more! Founded by freelance graphic designer Jaheed Hussain (person on the left below). If you would love to catch the next event or keep up to date make sure to visit the website or follow them on instagram @fusemanchester

Photograhy by Lydia Hooke check out their instagram @latehourdesign

If anyone is looking for a space to collaboratively work in or try out. I definitely recommend using Colony's free trial!

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