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I'm Jasmin Issaka.
A freelance graphic designer & psychedelic Illustrator based in Manchester, UK.

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About Me

I've always been a creative soul at heart. You'll usually find me doodling, thinking of creative scheme's or cooking up ridiculous recipe's that somehow work (half the time).

So it's no wonder that I wear multiple creative hats as a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, illustrator

and trippy psychedelic artist.

Officially my journey as a professional creative began in 2016. Working freelance with small to large businesses, independent clients and agencies. Then I found my way into in-house design, specialising in maintaining, creating and developing brands. Using my skills in illustration, video editing, animation, digital and print design to

bring brands to life.


I've had the joy of working with Manchester International Festival, Leftlion Magazine, Nottingham Trent University

and getting featured on 'Home is Where the Art is'

on the BBC channel and my Illustration art prints

which can also be purchased at my online shop.

If you would like to get in touch about any design, art or illustration projects please send an email to me at

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Graphic Design

People always ask me if I prefer design or illustration. I honestly love both equally and often interchanging the  knowledge and skills between the two. 

When I design I enjoy the challenge of a brief, and utilising my technical skills and knowledge to research and explore suitable colours, layouts, typography, and create animations, videos, print and digital designs. 


If you would like to discuss a design project feel free to contact me or view my portfolio to see more of my design and illustration work in more detail.


Alongside being a graphic designer and creating my range of psychedelic artwork I also provide commercial illustration services for companies, clients and businesses across the UK and internationally.


My illustration style is often described as bold, trippy and psychedelic. A unique visual style that will surely capture the eyes of any audience.

As a commercial illustrator I can work across a range of industries and sectors. If interested in my commercial illustrator services, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Make sure to have a look at my illustration portfolio.

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Psychedelic Art

I love creating psychedelic artwork! From Manchester landscapes to Amsterdam post cards, I provide a wide range of trippy psychedelic art for my customers across the UK and globe!

Custom Commissions

With the blend of bold colours and pushing the visual boundaries, my trippy psychedelic art is truly something unique and different to more contemporary art.

Alongside my psychedelic artwork, I also provide commissioned pieces for customers as custom portraits. So if you want a high quality piece of art from a psychedelic art artist, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Psychedelic Art Prints

I love designing and creating psychedelic art prints of various cities and landscapes. From Tokyo to Nottingham, these trippy landscapes will add both style and character to your home or office. All created by myself, my psychedelic art prints are available in a range of sizes. Visit my shop now for my full range of psychedelic

art prints.

Psychedelic Greeting Cards

Whether you’re writing a personal message, or congratulating someone on a new job, my range of psychedelic greeting cards is the perfect way to show

you care in style. All featuring my trippy psychedelic artwork, you can shop my range of psychedelic

greeting cards now! 

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