Splendiferously snazzy, uniquely quirky, wonderfully weird visual artist. 

Hello, I'm Jasmin Issaka. An illustrator, graphic designer, novice pattern maker. And when I'm singing in the shower I imagine I'm on a sold out world tour with Erykah Badu. No, it's not weird. This is further proof of the breadth of my imagination. I promise. 


For years I have dedicated myself to being the epitome of "cool," until one fine embarrassing skii trip put me in my place. So I put all that energy into being a designer and illustrator. Learning and honing my skills, in visual artsy things, logo design, branding, animation, motion graphics, illustration, video editing, drawing and visual story telling. I might not have achieved hot girl summer status, but at least my CV can pull it off.

 I love, love, love, love (and love) being creative as a whole. But I am a tad more in love with illustrating,

which is why you can see pieces of my imagination in card, print, stationary and gift form. Make sure to swing my by my shop and let your eyes feast on the psychedelic visual eye candy. Or subscribe to keep up to date with this awesome weirdo. 

If you fancy having a chat, and need some bold creative crafting for a project, I might tell you the ski story.

In the meantime, that story is between me and the plates of snitzels. 


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