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About me

I'm Jasmin Issaka. A psychedelic Illustrator and colourful graphic designer who is currently based in the wonderfully rainy Manchester City within the UK. ​

I've always been a creative soul. But my journey into illustration started when I was looking for a city art print. I wanted it to be bold, unique, playful 

and un-apologetically colourful. A reflection of the spirit of the city I was living in.

I searched through various local shops but I couldn’t find anything

that really grabbed me.


At the time I was studying graphic design, which got slightly sidelined (oops) for my new mission. Pushing visual boundaries of colours, techniques and visual textures so I could inject everyday sceneries with boldness and imagination. 

After a few years of experimenting high and low I finally found my eureka moment!

A blend of painterly techniques, freehand collaging and pattern making, with digital final touches and layering to bring it all together (thank you graphic design). 


This resulted in the visual style I'm known for today. Loose, loud playful, bright with themes of Pop art and Psychedelia.


I truly enjoy exploring art, collaborating and creating. I hope to grow as a creative so I can continue to capture people, places, faces and stories

in my own wonderfully weird ways. 

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If you would like to discuss any projects please contact me via email at

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