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New Year, New Stuff and a New Jazzy Sidekick!

Let's face it, 2020 was a chaotic garbage fire hosed down with gasoline. I'd love to shout from the top of my lungs, HAPPY NEW YEAR we somehow made it! But I don't want to jinx it... So this year I'll be holding on to the edge of my socially distanced seat whilst still being hopefully optimistic about the new year. So in an effort to sprinkle some optimism I'll share bits of some stuff that I hope to share this year.

New Psychedelic Art

This year will be about trying to get out of my comfort zone. Although I love recreating different cities in bold colourful psychedelic ways, I look forward to experimenting and exploring different ideas.

Psychedelic Decor & Stationary

Colourful stationary, deco more will be filling up my online shop! I'm really excited about this as I love decorating my own spaces in bright and wonderful colours.


Got something that caught your eye? But pay day just seems too far away? With Clearpay you can stretch your budget, by stretching your payments into 4 easy interest free instalments. Too good to be true? Why not check Clearpay out and see for yourself.

Last but not least...

Say hello to my new social media sidekick Fouzia Issaka.

[ About Fouzia ]

" Hello, I’m ZiiZii a foodie, Digital marketer, a self-acclaimed shopaholic and a fashion youtuber. During this ‘exciting’ quarantine I spend my days doing 4 things - jogging, enhancing my digital marketing skills, recording & editing youtube videos or either styling outfits. (Anything that tickles my creativity bones really).

I’m excited to be working with my colourful and creative sister Jasmin Issaka. ( she’s the oldest sibling in our family so just call her Major Issaka and call me Minor Issaka 😊.) I can't wait to take part in sharing Jasmin’s gorgeous psychedelic art posters to the rest of the world!" - ZiiZii

Follow me if you dare → @_z.ii_z.ii_ and let’s be friends! → [ Instagram | Twitter | Youtube ]

That's it for now! We're looking forward to grabbing 2021 by the metaphorical horns and making the most of it with you all. If you want to look forward to something this year other than you weekly designated lockdown shopping trip? Sign up to my newsletter so you won't miss out!

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